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Eighth Grade

over 2 years ago

IGP - Individual Graduation Plan

An Individual Graduation Plan, or IGP, is a school document that all 8th grade students- along with parent(s) and school counselors- create to help the student focus on his/her interests, abilities and career goals. 

IGPs are initially created in 8th grade, at which time students determine in which career clusters he/she is most interested. IGPs are revised annually as a student progresses through high school. It can be modified over time as interests and skills develop or change. The IGP is like a road map to the future: if the student stays on course, the student will reach the destination – graduation– with all the courses, skills and experience needed to take his education or career to the next level. Each year thestudent, parents/guardians, and counselors will review and update the plans for the coming year. Switching clusters or majors as the high school years progress and the student learns more about his interests and skills is okay. It is just as important for a student to learn that he doesn’t like a particular major as it is for him to learn he does.
Just remember: This is a road map to the future.
This meeting must be held before any classes can be scheduled for your child to attend the High School.
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