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School Drop Off Procedures
School Drop Off Procedures
School Starts at 8:25 am
School Ends at 3:25 pm

If you are late, you must be signed in by a parent/guardian in the front office.

Bus drop off is in the front of the building.
Car riders are dropped off at the back of the building. Please be cautious in this area.

Student ID's

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Student ID's















1 day ISS

2 days ISS




There are two main purposes for the Edgewood Middle School ID Program: 1) Security - the ID will provide verification that the student belongs on campus; 2)Identification – the ID will help teachers/staff identify students they do not teach and separate students between the two campuses. ID cards will also be used for textbooks, purchasing meals in the lunchroom, and checking out books in the library.

Rules for ID's

1. ID's must be worn on school issued, appropriate colored lanyards around the neck. They must be visible to school personnel.

2. The first ID and lanyard are free to the student. Replacement ID's will cost $5 each. Replacement lanyards are $1.

3. Students may ask for a temporary ID good for one day at the cost of $1. After using temporary ID's for two consecutive days, a replacement ID will be made and the student will be charged $5.

4. There will be no negative consequences if a student requests an ID before 8:20 (cost remains the same).

5. Students who report to homeroom or  who are found without an appropriate ID during the school day will be sent to purchase one and discipline will be assigned.

6. Any student defacing his ID will be required to purchase a new one and discipline wil be assigned.  Defacing an ID is the same as defacing school property. Defacing school property is a  Level 2 offense.

7. Any student unable to pay for the cost of a replacement ID will have the cost charged to his account.