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Financial Literacy Weekly Classroom Topics

4 days ago

By Charlie Floyd

August 19,2019

6th,7th,8th grade classes- Students will learn about fiat money and its fluctuations.6

August 26,2019

6th,7th,8th grade classes- Students will invest in Apple retroactively back to 2009 all the way up to today to begin a stock portfolio.

Sept. 3,2019

6th,7th,8th grade classes- Students will play financial football on a variety of  $$$ subjects and at different skill levels.

September 9,2019

6th,7th,8th grade classes- Students will continue with Financial Football at the Rookie level.

September 16,2019- Students will advance to the all-pro questions in the Financial Football game as they answer $$$ questions and solve Life Skill's dilemmas.

September 23,2019- Students will advance up to the top level of difficulty in Fin. Football (Hall of Fame)  in order improve their understanding of $$$$.

September 30,2019-The students will receive a "Day in the Office "reward for highest class stock price.

October 7,2019- The students will be introduced to the Stock Market Game (SMG) and record the rules and nuances of the game.

October 14,2019- The students will make $30,000 worth of purchases in the Stock Market Game for their team in the SIFMA sponsored computer simulation.

October 21,2019- The students will review the post test for F-L and practice compounding interest and the 3 types of capital.

October 28,2019- The students will list 6 positives about the S.C. Education Lottery and 4 reasons not to participate in this revenue enhancing "mirage".

November 4,2019- The students will check their SMG portfolios and try to spend $70 k on their stock  selections by the 11th of this month.

November 11,2019-The students will review the info on the SC Educational Lottery and answer 8 questions listed on a handout.

November 18,2019- The students will create credit card statements and carry out a 4 month scenario to determine the ins and outs of credit.