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9 months ago

By Elizabeth Brown

Welcome to Mrs. Brown's Grade ELA Web page

Mrs. Brown's Bell Schedule

Homeroom              8:15-8:25  

1st Period                 8:25-9:17

2nd Period               9:20-10:12

3rd Period                10:15-11:07

Lunch                        11:10-11:45

4th period                 11:48-12:40

5th Period                 12:43-1:35 

6th Period                  1:38-2:30

7th Period                  2:33-3:25


Materials needed daily:

  • 1 inch 3 ring binder

  • 1 set of 5 pack dividers for binder

  • 1 Composition book

  • Index cards

  • Blue or Black ink pen 

  • Pencils

Name: Beth Brown
Email: click here
Phone number: 543-3511

   Reading takes you places.
Readin takes you places.

Classwork and Homework Information

about 1 month ago

Online learning/Home learning - Updated 4-1-2020.

Every class has an assignment every day from April 13 to May 1. You should read for 20 minutes every day. Make sure you are keeping your reading log.  You should be reading a new book for your next book report.

You need to check your gmail account and google classroom everyday for information.

Online work information -   

Most of your assignments for April 13 to May 1 will be in google classroom. You need to open the Google classroom assignment called Brown's 6th Grade ELA Digital Notebook. Follow the directions on each slide.

Book Report
Due Friday, August 23 - Book of choice
O. Henry Study and Short Stories
Complete the web quest for O. Henry 11/19- 11/20

Click URL below
Independent Clause and Subordinate Clause

2018-2019 Syllabus

about 1 year ago

By Elizabeth Brown


 Edgewood Middle School




Elizabeth Brown

Room: 102     

E-mail Address:                     



Course Description:

English Language Arts at EMS  is designed to improve students’ reading, writing, and grammar skills by using reading, writing, and speaking. In this course, students will be exposed to literature, oral language, word identification, writing, vocabulary, comprehension, and responding to open-ended questions. These areas will be presented through a combination of novel units, the Collections textbook by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Elements of Literature by Holt, Internet sources, informational literature, Scholastic Scope Magazine, DVD clips, Standard Starts, Grammar Practice, and read alouds. 

General Objectives:

The Literature and Language Arts curriculum is based on South Carolina College and Career Ready Standards and has been designed to emphasize the connection between reading and writing. In order to help students develop better communication skills through reading, writing, speaking, and listening, a variety of techniques are used throughout the year to guide students in the practice of these different forms of communication.


Students will have a deeper understanding of reading literature and informational texts through studying key ideas and details, craft and structure, integration of knowledge and ideas, range of reading, and level of text complexity.


Students will further develop their skills and understanding of writing.  Students will take task, purpose, and audience into careful consideration; choosing words, information, structures, and formats deliberately.  They will combine elements of various writings using narrative strategies within arguments and explanations to produce complex writing.  Students will strategically use technology to create, refine, and collaborate on writing.  Students will become adept at gathering information, evaluating sources, citing material, recording findings, and analyzing in a clear and cogent manner.


Students will further develop their skills and understanding of speaking and listening.  Students will take part in a variety of rich, structured conversations as part of a whole class, in small groups, and with a partner which will build upon important content in various domains.  They will contribute appropriately to conversations, make comparisons and contrasts, and analyze and synthesize a multitude of ideas.


Course Requirements,  Classroom Guidelines, and Expectations:

Success in the classroom is greatly affected by the conduct of those in the classroom.  The following four school-wide rules have been developed to help students be successful.      

1.  Follow directions.

2.  Keep hands, feet, and other objects to 


3.  Bring materials to class.

4.  Show respect for yourself, your school,

     and others.

In addition, all students should follow all district guidelines as specified in the student handbook.


E- Encourage


S- Succeed



Although each teacher has a website, our class is not designed as an online course.  The website will offer the student and parent a projected framework of classroom activities.  Therefore, student attendance and attention in class is imperative for mastery.





Grading Scale


composition notebook 3


Colored Pencils

Index Cards

Glue sticks/tape




Graded assignments include:


Class work





As needed

Study for quizzes and tests

Complete any part of writing assignment/ project

90 – 100     A

80 – 89       B

70 – 79       C

60 – 69       D

 0  – 59        F

Test and Projects

Count 30% of grade

Classwork and quizzes

Count 70% of grade


-  Research Paper(s)

-Various         Essays

-Novel Unit Project


   Tentative Course Outline

Unit 1