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Yearbook Syllabus

over 3 years ago

Media Arts 3


Course Syllabus

John-Mark Scruggs



Coach John-Mark Scruggs

Grade Level(s)

8th Grade


Media Arts 3 is  open to students wishing to get involved in creating the yearbook. The class provides an introduction to basic journalism techniques and skills. Creative and informative writing are used on a daily basis. The course will continue building foundations in Microsoft office, keyboarding, Internet exploration, Internet safety and Google Drive. Skills will be reinforced in all Microsoft products as well as Google Drive. The class will be responsible for creating the school’s yearbook as well as other publications throughout the school year.


Students will apply to be in Media Arts 2. Students grades from ELA and standardized test scores in both ELA and writing will be considered.


  • Yearbook are done on a yearly  basis


  • Yearbook progree will be posted on Coach Scruggs website in PDF format.

  • Yearbook will be sold to the students and staff at the end of the year.

  • Collaborate with students and staff to include all important information in the Yearbook.     

                 ( Upcoming Events, Pictures from events, Sports scores/write-    ups, Academic information/write- ups, Teacher/Student interviews

  • Rosters/Programs for both athletic and academic events.


Course Outline


# Week(s)




Introduction to Media Arts 3

½ Week


Internet Safety

1 week


Digital Citizenship and Proper use of Social Media

1 week


Google Drive, Documents, Forms and Slides

1 week



# 1 CLASS PROCEDURES - You are expected to come in quietly, promptly and be in your assigned seat before the

bell stops ringing. Students not in their assigned seats and quiet when the tardy bell rings are considered tardy.

- Belongings must always be out of the way and ­under your table.

- You should not be wandering the classroom, or be socializing.

- Follow this procedure at the start of every class each day.

- Each day I will take roll and explain your assignment and objectives for the assignments and projects.

# 2 INSTRUCTION - Listen to instructions before beginning your work each day. You are to raise your hand to be recognized before speaking out. During instructions students need to;

- Keep your eyes on the speaker

- Quiet - you cannot talk and listen at the same time

- Hands are still

- Ears and eyes are open

# 3 VOICES – No talking or making noise while the teacher is speaking to the entire class. You may talk  QUIETLY while working. This privilege will be taken away if talking becomes too LOUD, DISRUPTIVE or a DISTRACTION FROM WORK. Abuse of this privilege will result in a silent class.

#4 ON TASK – Stay on task and do not wander around the room or visit other tables. Stay seated in your assigned seat unless you are getting supplies or cleaning up. Students are expected to remain focused on their assignments, not on their conversations or other non-media art related activities.  Wandering the room or excessive chatting and socializing are not acceptable.

Do not leave your seat unnecessarily.

#5 ASSIGNMENTS AND PROJECTS – In-progress Media Art projects should be stored in the proper cabinets and drawers at the end of class. Place your finished assignments in the period folder on the teacher’s desk so it can be graded. Label all work on the back upper right hand corner in PENCIL ONLY. NO NAME will result in NO GRADE. .

If you finish your assigned work early you may choose from the following activities:

- Silent Reading – You may read your own book or get one from the Reading Material shelf on the bookcase

- Extra Credit – some projects may be done a second time.  Extra Credit must be written on the back!

It is your responsibility to make up missed work as per the Student Handbook.

# 6 MATERIALS AND SUPPLIES – Be prepared for class with your Media Arts Binder, a pencil is needed every day.  You are responsible for classroom materials, books, art supplies, tools and furniture that you use during class. If you do not use the classroom materials correctly the teacher will take them away and not allow further use. Return all materials and supplies to their proper locations.

# 7 RESPECT - RESPECT other students, teachers and student art work. This includes substitutes and classroom volunteers.

Please be courteous to your fellow student and staff. RESPECT the room and its furnishings.

- Respect others POSSESSIONS – If it is not yours do not touch it!!  Do not take or hide others students’ belongings!

- Keep your hands to yourself!!  NO HORSEPLAY IN THE MEDIA ARTS CLASSROOM!

- Respect FEELINGS – If you can’t think of anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

Not everyone came to this class with the same experience or skill in Media Arts.  Do not be critical of others work. If you can help another student, please do so at the appropriate time.


# 8 OFF LIMITS -Teacher’s desk area.  DO NOT walk behind the teacher’s desk.

# 9 COMPUTERStudents must keep their feet on the floor to avoid wiring and connection problems. Be respectful of others by keeping hands to yourself and your computer. Do not attempt to access inappropriate sites. NO chatting or instant messaging is allowed.

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Weekly Assignments

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