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about 1 year ago

By Stacey Trent

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EMS Media Center/Learning Commons

about 1 year ago

By Stacey Trent

EMS Media center


What is a library? Twenty years ago, I would have defined it as a place that primarily houses literature. Today though, it is so much more. The function and purpose of the library,  in communities and schools, has broadened into a complex spectrum of services. 

Literacy has also evolved. Our past understanding and interpretation of literacy was based on the foundations of reading, writing, and communicating. Books were the primary vehicles that drove that interaction and instruction. While books and a variety of other texts will always have their place in a library media center, we must think bigger. Being literate in the twenty-first century means being adept at performing a network of modalities that shatters our traditional expectations. This includes technology adeptness, research skills and literature appreciation, but also team work and creation. WHAT DOES THIS ALL MEAN? 

At Edgewood Middle, we have adopted the contemporary mindset and definition of what literacy today encompasses. We are committed to preparing the students of Edgewood Middle School to be adept at navigating our information-rich society and becoming competitive and competent global citizens. 

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