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3 months ago

By Stephanie Corley


March 2nd- 20th

In class, we are focusing on various literary standards by using short stories. Each night students should be able to tell you what they read in class. 

In addition to our literary study, students need to study their stems nightly.  We are on the fourth unit of our stems; however, please don't disregard Units 1, 2, and 3.  Students are still responsible for these stems as they will be on each assessment.   

Also, students complete a warm-up every day.  Students should look over these nightly as they will be assessed after every ten Chomps.  

MONDAY- 3/2- 

TUESDAY- 3/3- "Ribbons" Assessment

WEDNESDAY- 3/4- "Ribbons" Extra Credit Due


FRIDAY-3/6- Stems homework due- three words for each stem  (54 words)

MONDAY- 3/9-

TUESDAY- 3/10- 


THURSDAY-3/12--  Core Chomp Assessment covering Chomps 51-60 will be around this day

FRIDAY-3/13- Unit FOUR Stems homework due (handout A)   CANTEEN DAY  GRADES ARE DUE TODAY

MONDAY- 3/16-

TUESDAY- 3/17-


THURSDAY-3/19- Unit FOUR Stems homework due (handout B)  

FRIDAY- 3/20-- Stems Unit FOUR Assessment


8th Grade Schedule and Supplies

9 months ago

By Stephanie Corley



Mrs. Corley's Bell Schedule

Homeroom                                  8:15-8:25  

1st Period  (8th grade)               8:25-9:17

2nd Period       (MY PLANNING)        9:20-10:12

3rd Period    (8th grade)            10:15-11:07

4th period     (8th grade)           11:10-12:02

7th Grade Lunch                        12:05-12:40

5th Period    (7th grade)             12:43-1:35 

6th Period    (7th grade)              1:38-2:30

7th Period      (7th grade)            2:33-3:25


Materials needed daily:

ELA Binder with looseleaf paper

2 composition notebooks

2 sharpened pencils 

1 blue/black ink pen 

Index Cards 3x5

expo markers


glue stick


over 3 years ago

By Stephanie Corley

Put notes about each part of speech in your writer’s notebook. You MUST write AT LEAST the definition of each part of speech.

Parts of speech

(If the link above doesn’t work, use this one --->)

Make a foldable by following these directions. Glue or tape it into your writer’s notebook. Make sure you do the exercise on the final slide.

Parts of Speech foldable

When you finish both of the other activities, you may play these games. (Only these games)

Part of speech game

One Page Book Report (please know that you must log on using your child's school given google account in order to gain access to these documents)