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Welcome to not only middle school, but Edgewood Middle School! My name is Marilyn Hilley and I teach 6th grade math! I graduated with my Bachelors Degree in Elementary Education from Lander University. I grew up in Ninety Six and attended K-12th grades here as well. This is my 2nd year at Edgewood and couldn't be more happy to be back pouring into the community that shaped me! Along with teaching math, I am the Head Competitive Cheerleading coach at Ninety Six High School. 
Along with teaching and coaching, I am a fur mama to my two wonderful dogs named Mya and Milo, my sassy cat Bella, and our class hamster Bernard! If you're wondering, yes I do talk about them all A LOT!
I can't say enough how much I love my job as a teacher and coach in Ninety Six. I'm excited to pour into and grow relationships with each one of my students!
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Marilyn Hilley
Math/Head Varsity Competitive Cheerleading Coach
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1st 8:25-9:17
2nd 9:20-10:12
3rd 10:15-11:07 
Lunch 11:10-11:45
4th 11:48-12:40
5th 12:43-1:35 (Planning)
6th 1:38-2:30
7th 2:33-3:25