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Hello Parent/Guardian,
EMS and 96 High School


Arrival time and Dismissal:

-Students who have not arrived at the start time of school must be escorted into the school building and signed in before going to class.

-No early dismissals during the last 30 minutes of the school day.

-Excuse notes will be accepted no later than 5 days after the absence. Only 3 parent’s excuses will be allowed each semester. 

- Parent notes must be limited to only 3 non-consecutive absences per semester. If your child is absent beyond 2 consecutive days, a medical excuse must be provided to school.  

- Send a medical or lawful excuse every time your child is absent from school. Lawful excuses include medical, legal, bereavement with proof of obituary, recognized holiday of their faith and pre-arranged absences with principal approval before the absence occurs.

-Middle and High School students will be permitted 8 absences (Excused or Unexcused) each semester unless there is a Medical or Legal excuse provided or the absence is due to a recognized religious holiday.

- A student is considered “truant” when either 3 consecutive unlawful absences or a total of 5 unlawful absences during the school year.

If you have any questions, please contact the school administration or Ms. Doris Louden (Greenwood 52 Student Attendance Office) at 864-970-7663.

Guidance is Mrs. L. Malone
96 High School
If you are in need of a Transcript or  Education Verification.
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