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I graduated from Lander University with degrees in Psychology and Visual Art. I have been teaching Art in Ninety Six for 3+ years, but I have been making art for a lot longer. I love to be creative and try new things. When I'm not making art, I enjoy gardening or reading a good book with my dog and my two cats. 
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Daily Art Schedule
1st Block (1st-2nd Periods) - Planning - 8:25-9:58
2nd Block (3rd Period) - 6th Grade - 10:01-10:46
2nd Block (4th Period) - 6th Grade - 10:49-11:34
NSHS 1st Lunch: 11:30-12:05
3rd Block - Art 1 & Art 2 - 12:10-1:40
4th Block - Art 1 & Art 2 - 1:45-3:25